02 April 2010

ERF Ministry Partners in Myanmar

ERF is engaged in ministry with the Reformed Churches of Myanmar. RCM is a small group of Christians located in the isolated Chin Hills region. They presently have seven churches scattered among the neighboring villages. The founding pastor, Ki In, is a godly man wholly committed to the cause of Christ. Ki In has translated The Glory of His Grace into the local dialect (Kaang), as is also translating it into Burmese (the national language). In January, he travelled nearly 1000 miles to the capital city of Yangon to have 1000 copies of the booklet printed. After his return, he began distributing them throughout the region. He is also translating An Examined Life.
To learn more about these publications, follow this link to our Resource page:

Ki In has told me that what RCM needs most is a Bible school to train pastors so that they can plant churches throughout Myanmar and even into neighboring countries (such as Bangladesh, China, and Thailand). The nearest theological school, where Ki In was trained, is in Yangon. ERF is committed to aiding RCM as the Lord provides.

Recently, one of the villages where RCM has a church was completely wiped out by fire. This village (Pepoek Village) is composed of 50 homes. The village had common bamboo storehouses where all of their rice, vegetables, etc. were stored. This village is now without basic resources such as food and shelter. The RCM churches in the other villages are doing what they can, but this is an impovershed area. Again, ERF wants to help our brothers and sisters in Myanmar however possible. To that end, 100 % of any proceeds from any of the books and booklets we produce until further notice will be delivered to RCM. First, to aid in the reconstruction of Pepoek Village, and then to begin development plans for a Bible/Theological school. If you would like to participate, you are encouraged to visit our Resource page [http://evangelicalreformedfellowship.org/resources.aspx]. Thank you for your help!

To see pictures of the devestation in Pepoek Villege, follow this link:
(Warning: one of the pictures shows a burn victim).

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